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Allium x proliferum
  • Hardy to Zone 3
  • Full Sun to Partial Shade
  • Germination Tested N/A
  • 5-50 bulbils per packet
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Walking Onions, also known as Egyptian Onions, tree onions, or top setting onions, are a tough perennial onion with edible green onions, bulbils, and mother bulbs. They are called walking onions because the bulbils grow at the top of the stalks, and when they get heavy enough they flop over and take root in the soil. Then those new plants send up shoots, flopping over, effectively “walking” around your garden. Alternately you can cut off the bulbils and plant them where you want them to grow.

These onions are hard to kill! Hardy to zone 3, tolerant of many soil types and even dry conditions. Useful for any kitchen garden, permaculture garden, or food forest. The green onions/scallions are most commonly eaten, and are excellent with eggs, ramen, salads, scallion pancakes, etc.- really anywhere you would use green onions for a light oniony flavour. The mother bulbs at the base of the stalks can also be eaten, as can the bulbils that form at the top of the stalks.

The bulbils vary in size from the size of a pea up to a toonie, but their size doesn’t seem to affect the overall size or vigour of the plant. This variety seems capable of making particularly large bulbils compared to other varieties! You’ll get a mix of bulbil sizes in your order, although probably not the most giant bulbils.

Walking onions are believed to be a cross of Welsh Onions and Shallots from a long time ago. According to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, they originated somewhere on the Indian subcontinent and then were brought to Europe, possibly by traveling Romani people.

They rarely, if ever, produce true seed, although there will often be a few flowers growing around the bulbils. Sometimes the clusters of bulbils will grow another stalk, which grows more bulbils, and sometimes those bulbils will grow even more bulbils! These plants look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book in the summer season.

Growing Instructions

GROWING INSTRUCTIONS: Bulbs are best planted in the fall before the soil is consistently frozen. If you live in a mild area, you may be able to plant almost throughout the winter. If you live in a cold climate, you can try waiting until spring, and keep the bulbils in a dark, dry place. Keep an eye on them, and if they start to go bad or sprout a lot, try planting them in a pot inside, and transplant them outside in spring. Some people say to keep the bulbils in the fridge, so do your own research on what you feel is best. I've had bulbils last at room temperature for a year just fine, but your conditions may be different than mine.

Bulbils can be planted about 2-3 inches apart or farther if you've got the room. They will multiply from the base over time, as well as by fallen bulbils, but they don't mind being crowded. Smaller bulbs can be planted closer together and larger ones given more space.

The bulbils will send out roots and little green leaves that look like green onions. The base will swell a little into a slender bulb, and the leaves will get taller. In the summer they will grow stronger stalks that grow bulbils on the ends. If left alone, the stalks with bulbils will fall over and likely sprout if the soil is moist- or you can cut the bulbils off once their stalk starts to die back and plant them elsewhere.

Shipping & Returns

We ship seeds within Canada for a flat fee of $6, United States for $25, and internationally for $25*. Live plants and bulbs can only be shipped within Canada.


Shipping in Canada 

We ship seeds in Canada via regular letter mail, which is an untracked service, and usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive. Larger bulbs and plants are sent via tracked flat rate box.


Shipping to the US

We ship all US orders by tracked packet and they usually take two weeks to arrive.

According to the USDA, most seeds require an import permit to be brought into the US and the permit is free and useable for multiple orders/years. The package will list the contents as "Garden Seeds". In our experience shipping seeds over several years, most small orders will make it across the border without issues, but occasionally they will be held at US Customs. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required import permit and Cicada Seeds will not be responsible for any orders held or confiscated by US customs.


Shipping Internationally

International orders are usually shipped via untracked packet. The package will list the contents as "Garden Seeds". It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required import permit and Cicada Seeds will not be responsible for any orders held of confiscated by customs.

International shipping countries include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom


If you have any issues with the quality of your order, please contact us within 60 days and we will make it right!

*Shipping fees are in Canadian dollars. 

Ecologically Grown

Seeds are grown ecologically without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

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Leonor T
The walking onions came in good time. Have...

The walking onions came in good time. Haven't planted them yet, but some have signs of life already, so I'm excited for spring!

Prompt shipping and the bulbs look good.

Prompt shipping and the bulbs look good.

Awesome bulbs grew almost immedietly! love...

Awesome bulbs grew almost immedietly! love this store to bits

Arrived in great shape with a few bonus bu...

Arrived in great shape with a few bonus bulbs! Planted them in a garden bed and now we wait for spring!