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Allium porrum
Perennial Leek
  • Hardy to Zone 6
  • Full Sun
  • Germination Tested November 15, 2023: 85%
  • Approximately 75 seeds per packet
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Delft Perpetual is a rare perennial winter leek that sprouts new plants from its base. If the leeks are harvested carefully by cutting just above the ground and leaving the roots and base intact, the offshoots can grow into new leek plants. Alternately you can wait until the leeks flower in their second year, and the offshoots will starts to grow shortly after seed set.

An excellent perennial vegetable for the permaculture garden. Leeks can be used almost interchangeably in place of onions in cooking, but with added greens. The beautiful blue-green leek greens (tops) are also tasty- don't throw them out!

Delft Perpetual was selected out of the "Delft" variety by Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed, which he describes as "Winter leeks with long well-wrapped shafts, strong upright leaves, and a melting tender quality with light sauté. Slices turn a bright green with cooking, very appealing."

If you do allow these leeks to flower in their second year, the flowers are a range of whimsical white, pink, and purple globes that are adored by pollinators. The seeds do take a long time to mature however, so you may need to cover them with a temporary tunnel to keep the seed dry as they mature.

These seeds are rare and hard to find so don't miss out!

Growing Instructions

Growing instructions: Sow seeds shallowly indoors in January or February. I like to sow my onions and leeks in deep trays so they have enough soil to grow for a few months. Plant outside once they are a few inches tall and harsh frosts have passed. Plant about 6-12 inches apart. Harvest leeks by carefully cutting at the base (this may take a few months to a year to get large enough to your liking). Wait for the offsets to sprout after cutting.

Shipping & Returns

We ship seeds within Canada for a flat fee of $6, United States for $25, and internationally for $25*. Live plants and bulbs can only be shipped within Canada.


Shipping in Canada 

We ship seeds in Canada via regular letter mail, which is an untracked service, and usually takes 1-2 weeks to arrive. Larger bulbs and plants are sent via tracked flat rate box.


Shipping to the US

We ship all US orders by tracked packet and they usually take two weeks to arrive.

According to the USDA, most seeds require an import permit to be brought into the US and the permit is free and useable for multiple orders/years. The package will list the contents as "Garden Seeds". In our experience shipping seeds over several years, most small orders will make it across the border without issues, but occasionally they will be held at US Customs. 

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the required import permit and Cicada Seeds will not be responsible for any orders held or confiscated by US customs.


Shipping Internationally

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Ecologically Grown

Seeds are grown ecologically without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

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Customer Reviews

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Quick delivery. They are germinating well. Looking forward to see how they grow

Timothy M. Wood

Delft Perpetual Leek Seeds - Allium porrum - Perennial Leek


Delft Perpetual Leek Seeds - Allium porrum - Perennial Leek

Wendy Daschner

Seeds arrived quick - planting as per instructions

Awesome seeds! Arrived fast and in good co...

Awesome seeds! Arrived fast and in good condition.